About: "Confessions"


(published in Classical Diary)

What is the chief characteristic about you we need to know?
I’m not as mild-mannered as I may appear upon a first encounter.

If you weren’t a musician, what other job would you have wanted to do?
An actor, like my brother, or a professional tennis player.

What is your idea of happiness?
Forever playing, with loved ones.

What subject will always get you in a rant?
People not replying to messages.

You hate yourself when you…
drop, break, lose and forget things.

Which fictional character inspires you?
The main character in Un Prophète by Jacques Audiard, who finds his way up the unbelievably tough ladder of prison life.

… and in real life?
Great single-handed sailors like Bernard Moitessier who, upon completing the fastest solo circumnavigation in the first race of its kind, decided to just carry on sailing…

Your autobiography would be called…
It’s not over yet!

Time to talk about guilty pleasures, you would die for…
… hitting a tennis ball with Roger Federer.

What is your favorite place in the world?
Our family home, tucked away on a hillside in Provence..

The sound you hate the most?
That really loud screech in the London Underground, which feels like the sides of the train are scraping against the tunnel walls.

Three words to describe the classical music world?
No more boundaries!

What is your motto?
Always try.

maxime tortelier bournemouth symphony orchestra 2014
credit: Chris Morehouse